About Us

Journey of faith with friends

Some of us started our journey outside Canada and are learning to navigate between host and home cultures. Others are third culture Canadians and bring fresh perspective to the idea that “home is where the heart is”!

In 2009, a house fellowship began that formalized as a registered church in 2016. More than 12 language groups (primarily from the Indian subcontinent and Fiji) are represented currently however our journey is also to become a house of prayer for all people irrespective of culture.

Neighbours and Networks

While we enjoy a variety of food and music tastes, we also have come participate in an intergenerational family atmosphere. This love from the Father God inspires us to be a blessing in our neighborhoods and networks.

As more and more people from elsewhere make Calgary their home, can we be a good neighbour especially to them? A high priority as they settle in is the need for new friends and family. We hope to keep making new friends and invite some of them into our family.

Join Us

  • Sunday Worship @ 4.30 PM

Information regarding donations, tithes & offerings

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When you make a donation, you will receive a Canadian tax receipt. Our CRA registration number is 77551 2718 RR0001.


  1. Login to your online or mobile banking for your financial institution

  2. Under payments/transfers, click on INTERAC e-Transfer

  3. Enter your donation amount

  4. Complete the INTERAC e-Transfer profile, filling-in the name of the church.

    1. Name : Yeshu Mandli Society
    2. Use Email Address:  ymchurchdonations@gmail.com

    3. Leave  the “mobile number” blank, DO NOT enter a cell number

  5. In the Message box, to have your donation recorded for tax receipting purposes, you must include:

    1. Your full name

    2. Your full mailing address, including unit number and postal code

    3. Optional, but preferred, your email and phone number

  6. Submit or confirm your transaction and print out your receipt for your records.  You will get an official receipt in February of the following year for tax purposes, if you provide your full name and mailing address.

  7. If you have questions, please email Enoch Geddam, Yeshu Mandli: ymmcalgary@gmail.com


You may also donate through https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/yeshu-mandli-society/ . This will generate an immediate tax receipt that will be emailed to the email address provided. Funds can be processed using your credit card as well.

Church location

9685 Harvest Hills Blvd N,

Calgary, AB T3K 2M3

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